What about apples?

Hard green fruit have almost all become a soft golden yellow and some even have a red blush across one cheek.

The apple tree espaliered across the garage is practically buckling with apples, but the most I’ve been able to do is make crumbles, cobblers, and give away a few bagsful.

If I can find a few hard, green apples I’ll do another batch of green apple jelly; I had no confidence in my first batch ever setting and cooked it until the jelly was a deep golden yellow. But set it did, perhaps quite firmly, given that the jelly in the jars doesn’t seem to budge when I tip the jars up.

I started making jam with nostalgia and memory as my recipe guide. With this bounty staring me in the face each day it’s time to branch into the unexperienced and try apple jam. I’ll be breaking open the jars of green apple jelly to supply the pectin for the set.

Now if I can pair the yellow apples with some fresh, pectin-rich quince, then I won’t have to use the jelly…


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