Oh, fall

The quince appear to have come and gone. From three trees there have been a grand sum of six quince, including the little one and the really mealy, wormy one. Still, three fruit = 32 oz of jam.

I’ve ordered a couple different varieties of quince tree from Trees of Antiquity, which arrive some time early next year. Not sure if this is reckless abandonment of the shrubby quince already in the yard or a natural extension of my deep and abiding love for the puckery things.

I feel really lame for having left so many apples unpicked and unused. This time last year the apples were at their peak, but today they’re almost done. Evenings this week will be for apple butter. I’m going to try poaching them in a lemon verbena syrup first and then blending that with the bastardized version of mosto cotto I made last week from a bag of leftover Concord grapes. (Does the mosto cotto deserve a blog entry? I’m not sure. At least, I’m not sure if a description of something that was so absolutely winging it and will likely not be repeated should get the effort of a blog post.)

And right now — Emerald Beaut plums from the Frog Hollow CSA box. On the stove, simmering down for a quick jam with … candied grapefruit peel? Whatever it is will have to cut through the cloying sweetness of the plums.


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