Emerald Beaut Plum and Moroccan Mint Jam

Some jam is just too sweet. And so with this batch — while it needed way more mint, because the Moroccan mint is so gentle and unassuming, I think the Emerald Beauts aren’t up to it either. They don’t have the depth of flavor of purple plums.

They’re OK, but no more than OK. Eaten out of hand, they’re almost cloying. Cooked down, they showed off a little more of the earthiness of other plums as the skins began to break down, so here’s hoping the jam will improve as it sits a little.

The next day, EBP&MMJ was fine on crackers with a slab of Point Reyes Blue and I think that’s how I’ll use the rest of it — as an accompaniment and not as a star on its own. (Let’s ignore that fact that I’d probably like anything I eat with blue cheese, especially that one.)

All in all, I’m glad I used a 1:3 sugar:fruit ratio.

Emerald Beaut Plum and Moroccan Mint Jam

Halve, quarter, then chop into chunks 2 lb 10 oz/1200 g Emerald Beaut plums, removing pits as you go.

Bring fruit to a boil with 300 ml water in a large pot and then simmer for 35 minutes, uncovered.

Crush around 50 fresh Moroccan mint leaves into a bouquet garni bag, and tie bag string to the edge of the pot. Be sure the bag sits in the plum mixture. Press the bag into the plums, crushing the leaves further. Let sit at room temperature for around 3 hours.

My Moroccan mint has leaves on the small side

Bring plums to a simmer again and add 400 g warmed white sugar, stirring until dissolved. Boil for around 15-20 minutes or until mixture has thickened and liquid is no longer pooling around fruit. The jam should pass a gentle wrinkle test. Be sure to stir regularly or the jam will candy on the base of the pan.

The jam will be a soft khaki color. Makes four 8 oz jars.


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