Anise & Apple Butter

Even though I think Pink Lady apples are overrated, I’m not above eating them or cooking with them. So why not try them in a classic apple butter recipe?

Diligent I was at chopping and cooking down 3 pounds of Pink Ladies — along with a quince, for good measure. With a single star anise and a stick of cinnamon thrown in, this concoction had all the promise of a gentle version of apple pie filling. With wine and lemon juice for liquid, what could go wrong?

I put the chopped, cooked fruit in the fridge before grinding down the pulp. I forgot about it.

Four days later, the apple had taken on the pungent fragrance of anise and the quince had lost its punch. And worse, I came up short on sugar. With freshly ground pulp ready, I scrounged up every last granule of sugar in the house: an unholy amalgam of white, soft light brown, raw, caster, honey, turbinado and — oh crap, too late — powdered, with its unwanted additional cornstarch.

This is a serial post with an unknown ending. The apple butter sits and burbles and blurps unapologetically on the stove as I write. Let’s see if it turns into something tasty at the end of it all.

Postscript: It’s delicious — really, truly delicious. Hope I manage to make some version of this again!


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