Meyer Lemon & Rose Petal Jam

A flavor combination inspired by Liana Krisoff‘s recipe, who in turns says she based her recipe on June Taylor’s technique. June Taylor’s marmalades aren’t sweet enough for my taste — but even with additional sugar and a few other tweaks, this is still one very, very tart marmalade! Not sure I’d make this again…


2 lbs Meyer lemons
1.5 cups Meyer lemon juice
2 cups water
1/4 cup dried, separated, untreated rose petals
5 cups white sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
2 tsp rose water

Day 1

Trim the bumpy top and bottom of the lemons. Score the lemons into sixths and carefully peel off the segments of peel.

Gently pull off the excess pith from the peeled lemons and reserve the pith and lemons separately.

With a sharp paring knife, scrape the white pith from the inside of each lemon sixth and reserve pith separately. Slice the depithed segments into very fine strips. This will take some time.

Cut the reserved, peeled lemons widthwise, removing and saving the seeds and the pithy ends and center. Chop the rings into pieces about as large as an almond.

Put the seeds and pith into a spice bag and tie to the handle of a preserving pan. Add the finely chopped peel, lemon pieces, juice, and water. Boil for 45 minutes and let cool completely.

Add the 5 cups sugar to the cooled fruit mixture and bring to a boil until sugar has dissolved. Add rose petals and simmer another minute or two. Let cool completely and then remove to a ceramic or glass bowl and refrigerate overnight.

Day 2

Pour mixture into preserving pan and bring to a boil. Boil 12 minutes. Temperature should reach 220’F on a candy thermometer and the mixture should not yet pass the wrinkle test. Turn off the heat and add the additional 1/2 cup white sugar and the rose water. Let rest 10 minutes and then bring to the boil again until marmalade reaches 221’F and passes the wrinkle test.

Pour into sterilized jars, seal with clean lids and rings and can for 10 minutes.


Photo courtesy Chiot’s Run/Flickr CC


3 thoughts on “Meyer Lemon & Rose Petal Jam

  1. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to try this too. Here is a beginner question for you. Can I just use rose petals from my garden?

  2. As long as they’re not sprayed, yes! I’m not sure how different roses’ fragrance makes a difference — I just used the only dried petals available at the store. Also, if you’re using fresh, as with herbs, use about twice as much.

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