Getting Started

You can make jam in a pasta pot with no more than a wooden spoon and a pair of kitchen tongs, but that’s not much fun more than once. Here’s a quick rundown of the basic tools you need to get started:

1. Shallow and wide 6-quart pot
2. Jam funnel
3. Jar lifting tongs
4. Silicone or wooden spatula
5. At least two bowls: one 8-cup and one 4-cup
6. Sharp knife and cutting board
7. Canning lids and rings
8. 8 oz canning jars

Here’s what makes jam-making even more enjoyable:

1. Fine-mesh metal sieve
2. Citrus reamer or juicer
3. Cherry pitter

Here’s a quick rundown of other jam-making tools many people use:

1. Canning pot and stainless steel canning rack
2. Magnetized lid lifter/lid wand
3. Stainless steel canning lid dipper/sanitizer
4. Jelly bag and jelly bag rack


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